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Rules for the conduction of exams due to corona

Please take the following into account when taking exams about corona:

1. Have a mouth-nose cover for yourself. You are not allowed to participate without it.
A T-shirt pulled over your nose or a cloth held in front of your nose is not enough.
Please protect also not only the chin and mouth area with the covering. The nose
must be covered as well. You have to use the mouth-nose-cover
until we give you the instruction to take them off.

2. Pregnant women and students from risk groups (with attestation)
please contact us separately - we need to make special arrangements to
provide additional protection for you.

3. If you have health issues (asthma or similar)
and can not use a mouth-nose cover, please contact us,
so that we can plan with that issue. Also in this case
a attestation of this issue is required.

4. Please observe the recommended hygiene and spacing requirements.
Please do not meet in groups in front of the rooms and inside the building.
Keep at least 1.5m distance from other people.

5. Please follow the instructions given by the supervisors. We are
directed to enforce the measures. It is not necessarily
our personal opinion, therefore we also ask you to
to refrain from hostile or defiant reactions.

6. You will be assigned a seat. Please take this seat
immediately and do not take unnecessary detours in the room.

7. We are also instructed to ask you to fill in a
Certificate of good standing with contact details and a form on data collection (you know these
certainly from other examinations and communications of the examination office).
If you bring them already filled out,
this speeds up the admission process for us considerably. Students without
access to a printer or without formular will receive one to fill it out on the spot.

We hope for smooth processes and wish you much success!

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