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CEN Working Papers

The Constitutional Economics Network Working Papers (ISSN 2193-7214)

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Author(s) Title  No. Year Download
Matthew Bonick Racism and Trust in Europe 02 2021     PDF
Robin Anderl Saubere Umwelt als öffentliches Gut Problem –
Evidenz und Implikationen aus Labor- und
01 2021     PDF
Bianca Blum ; Bernhard Neumärker Globalization, Environmental Damage and the Corona Pandemic - Lessons from the Crisis for Economic, Environmental and Social Policy 02 2020     PDF
Bianca Blum Fleischbesteuerung in Deutschland - Mengen- oder Mehrwertsteuer? Diskussion und Politische Implikationen 01 2020     PDF
Ana Helena Palermo

Testing preferences for basic income and its time allocation effects in the German context: A lab experiment

01 2019     PDF
Matthew Bonick ; Antonio Farfán-Vallespín The Reversal of Fortune, Extractive Institutions and the Historical Roots of Racism.  06 2018     PDF


Bianca Blum ; Julian Hübner ; Adrian Milde ; Bernhard Neumärker 

On the evidence of rebound effects in the lighting sector: Implications for promoting LED lighting   05 2018     PDF
Julian Hübner Experimentelles Design zur Untersuchung der Auswirkungen von fiskalpolitischen Instrumenten auf nachhaltige Kaufentscheidungen im Leuchtmittelmarkt  04  2018     PDF


Bianca Blum ; Julian Hübner ; Harald Berger ; Bernhard Neumärker

Libertarian paternalistic instruments fostering sustainable energy consumption : An analysis based on energy-efficient LED technology  03 2018     PDF


Bianca Blum ; Julian Hübner; Sarah Müller ; Bernhard Neumärker

Challenges for sustainable environmental policy - Influencing factors of the rebound effect in energy efficiency improvements  02  2018      PDF

Bianca Blum

Ausgestaltung einer Steuerpolitik zur Förderung von LED-Beleuchtung

 01 2018     PDF

Jan-Felix Kederer, Adelheid Klein, Daniel Kovarik , Lena Kumm

Social Justice in the Context of Redistribution

 01 2017 PDF


Bettina Kalmbach


Social Nudging with Condorcet Juries and its Strategic Implications for a Paternalistic Implementation of LED bulbs 04  2016      PDF

Maximillian Trommsdorff

An Economic Analysis of Agrophotovoltaics: Opportunities, Risks and Strategies towards a More Efficient Land Use03




Matthew Bonick, Antonio Farfán-Vallespín

On the Origin and Consequences of Racism  02 2016 PDF
Gerold Blümle Einkommenszufriedenheit, Ungleichheitsaversion und die Schwäche des Medianwählermodells 01 2016 PDF
Ana Helena A. P. Cavalcante

Barriers and Opportunities for Climate Adaptation: The Water Crisis in Greater São Paulo

04 2015 PDF 
Martha Kontodaimon, Bernhard Neumärker Two Level Reform Game Problems of Greece (forthcoming in: Krieger, T., Neumärker, B., Panke, D. (Eds.): Europe’s Crisis: The Conflict-Theoretical Perspective.) 03 2015  PDF 
Robert Kappius, Bernhard Neumärker Could Exit Rules be Self-enforcing in the EU? The Cases of France and Germany (forthcoming in: Krieger, T., Neumärker, B., Panke, D. (Eds.): Europe’s Crisis: The Conflict-Theoretical Perspective.) 02 2015 PDF
Stephan Wolf,
Cameron Dron
Intergenerational Sharing of Non-Renewable Resources: An Experimental Study Using Rawls’s Veil of Ignorance 01 2015 PDF
Christoph Oberlack Institutional Diagnostics of Climate Adaptation 01 2014  PDF
Stephan Wolf,
Alexander Lenger
Choosing Inequality: An Experimental Analysis of the Impact of Social Immobility on the Democratic Election of Distributive Rules 02 2013 PDF
Christoph Oberlack, Bernhard Neumärker A Diagnostic Approach to the Institutional Analysis of Climate Adaptation 01 2013 PDF
Christoph Oberlack, Klaus Eisenack Overcoming Barriers to Urban Adaptation through International Cooperation? Modes and Design Properties under the UNFCCC 032012 PDF

Alexander Lenger,
Jan Kruse

Rekonstruktive Forschungsmethoden in der deutschen Volkswirtschaftslehre - eine explorative Erhebung zugrunde liegender Repräsentationsmuster 02 2012 PDF
Nadeem Naqvi, Bernhard Neumärker, Gerald Pech The rule of law and sustainability of the constitution: The case of tax evasion 01 2012 PDF
Christoph Oberlack, Bernhard Neumärker Economics, Institutions and Adaptation to Climate Change 04 2011 PDF
Robert Kappius Bildungsmonitor 2011 - ein Indikator für Bildungsgerechtigkeit? 03 2011 PDF
Robert Kappius Equal opportunity in educational contexts: Comparing the feasibility of divergent conceptualizations 02 2011 PDF
Reto Wyss The Tolerance Premium as a Constitutional Element of the Protective and Welfare State 01 2011 PDF
Christoph Oberlack Determinants of the capacity to adapt to climate change in multi-level governance systems - a meta analysis of case study evidence 05 2010 PDF

Sarah Jamil,
Bernhard Neumärker

A Contribution to the Contractual Analysis of Public-Private Partnerships 04 2010 PDF
Stephan Wolf Von Hayek’s Theory of Cultural Evolution in the Light of a Simplified Model of Kaufmann’s General Biological Evolutionary Theory 03 2010 PDF
Stephan Wolf An Intergenerational Social Contract for Common Resource Usage: A Reality-Check for Harsanyi and Rawls 02 2010 PDF

Bernhard Neumärker,
Gerald Pech

Penalties in the Theory of Equilibrium Tax Evasion: Solving King John’s Problem 01 2010 PDF


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