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Financing Sustainable Public-Private Partnerships

Lecture in Summer Semester 2015

Financing Sustainable Public-Private Partnerships

Dr. Sarah Jamil

Course schedule


Lecture Slides 


  • Blocked Course
  • May 9th ,  9:30 - 17:30h, room 1224 KG I
  • May 10th, 9:30 - 13:00h, room 4 Peterhof
  • May 23th, 9:30 - 17:30h, room 1224 KG I
  • May 24th, 9:30 - 13:00h, room 4 Peterhof


Target Group and Language

  • M.Sc. Economics: Profiles “Finance” and “Economics & Politics”, Second-year course
  • M.Sc. VWL (alte PO): Volkswirtschaftspolitik.
  • M.Sc. VWL (neue PO): Profillinien “Accounting, Finance and Taxation”, “Public Sector Economics and International Taxation”, “Constitutional Economics and Competition Policy”.
  • M.Sc. BWL (Public and Non-Profit Management): Wahlmodul in Public Management, Non-Profit Management, BWL, Public Sector Economics.
  • Diplom VWL: Wirtschaftspolitik, Finanzmärkte, Ordnungs- und Wettbewerbsökonomik.


  • The lecture is held in English.

Credits: 4 ECTS

  • Written exam



1. Cooperation between the public and the private Sector - Foundations

a. Definition and demarcation

b. Variations of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)

c. Application range of PPP

d. Theoretical contributions concerning the desirability of PPP

e. Public-Private Partnerships – their history of origins and the driving forces today

2. Elaboration of an appropriate research background for a PPP constitution

a. Orthodox approach / „Mainstream Economics“

b. Constitutional Economics

c. Economics of self-control

d. Public Choice

e. Property Rights Theory

f. Theory of Agency

g. New Political Economy

3. Justification of state

a. The social contract

b. The justification of the state and the assumption of Leviathan

c. Rent-seeking activities

4. Requirements for an appropriate PPP constitution

5. Advantages of PPP

a. The model

b. Empirical relevance

c. Extension of the concept by including financial aspects

d. Rent-seeking

6. Complete contract perspective

7. Incomplete contract perspective

a. Approach

b. The Model

c. Insights

8. Conclusion



  • Sarah Jamil, A constitutional regulation of Public-Private Partnerships, Hamburg 2011.


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