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Seminar "Social Justice and Economic Policy"

Seminar "Social Justice and Economic Policy"
WS 2009/2010

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Neumärker


Time and Place

Time:24th - 26th of January
Place:Room 2330

Target Group

The seminar is designated for second-year IMP-Students (Master of Economics and Politics) and Diploma-Students (Hauptstudium).

Credit Points

4 Credit Points for IMP- as well as Diploma-Students. Diploma-Students may allocate the credits to Pflichtfach "Wirtschaftspolitik (Ordnungspolitik)" or Pflichtwahlfächer "Ordnungs- und Wettbewerbspolitik", "Sozialpolitik".


Registration, allocation of topics and distribution of the reading list take place at the office of Mr. Kappius (room 2436) commencing on the 13th of July 2009. The students grade will be based on the participation in class during the seminar (20%), the term paper handed in three weeks ahead of the respective session (50%) and the presentation of the topic (30%).



  1. Basic Issues and Principles of Social Justice
    1. Positive Theories I: Foundations
    2. Positive Theories II: Fairness and Reciprocal Behavior
    3. Towards an Endogenous Theory of Social Justice
    4. Fair Allocation Policy
    5. Maximin, Rule Utilitarianism, and the Just Constitution 
  2. Problems of Equity in Economic Policy-Making
    1. Equitable Taxation
    2. Fair Provision of Public Goods
    3. Theory and Practice of Intertemporal and Intergenerational Justice
    4. Problems and Theories of Global Justice
    5. Theory and Political Economy of the Just War


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